Bubble Tea Licious & Laos Street Grill

Rating: ★★★☆☆

13389283_10154275279048011_1261811302_o.jpgBubble Tea Licious @ Laos Street Grill is a food truck, whose location can be found on their Twitter. They serve up tasty Laotian food and bubble tea (as you probably already guessed). I had the fried rice with drunken lamb, which was delicious though not for those who can’t handle spice. I also had a Thai bubble tea which was tasty as well, once you get past the vibrant orange color (it looks about as natural as Trump’s skin tone). So why only 3 stars? The wait. The line wasn’t absurdly long, but I had to wait an abnormally long time for my food. I know the food trucks can be crowded, but I don’t like burning the majority of my lunch hour just waiting for my food to come.

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