Lebanese Taverna

Rating: ★★★★☆

13383361_10154264557803011_1668764202_oLebanese Taverna is a Lebanese restaurant located at 2641 Connecticut Ave NW, with additional locations outside the District in Maryland and Virginia. My friend and I started with a drink at the bar. The $6 glass of wine was a good happy hour special, but the service was very slow. The bartender forgot about our tab and I had to remind him. Dinner was significantly better. The shawarma sliders were excellent; I was initially worried that they would be on burger buns, but fortunately they were in small pitas, making them much more authentic. The kibbeh was also great, with both a good crust and a tasty filling. 13388946_10154264557658011_2143209091_oThe falafel was less to my taste; I tend to prefer falafel with less parsley inside it (I am very picky about my falafel). We also ordered Arak, which was very well presented and perfectly served the traditional way with water and ice. My Lebanese-American friend hated it, but that’s only because she hates Arak in general (I do not understand that about her). For dessert, we had baklava, which was excellent. The service for our food was very good, though I do wish the place 13334462_10154264557713011_786964121_o (1)had cozier ambiance more like Mama Ayesha’s.

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