Rating: ★★★☆☆

13318834_10154258710018011_1118058214_nChix is a fast casual restaurant that mainly serves roast chicken with a Latin American twist located at 1121 14th St NW with an additional location at 11th and U NW. The roast chicken comes in three styles: chix chicken, Peruvian chicken and Colombian chicken, and you can order a quarter chicken, a half chicken or a whole chicken. Chicken breasts are available for those who aren’t into meat on the bone. Soups and wraps are also available and the sides, which include such options as brown rice and beans and veggies. If you enjoy healthy, somewhat bland food, this is a solid choice. For me personally, roast chicken is a rather dull 13115436_10154258710028011_726621103_nfood so even with the tasty Colombian flavors and the tasty avocado sauce, it still wasn’t the most exciting. You’ll never hear me say I’m craving roast chicken, grilled chicken or really any kind of chicken that isn’t fried chicken or tandoori chicken. That said, a quarter Colombian chicken with a side of steamed broccoli and a side of black beans and brown rice did make for a hearty and nutritious meal. If I’m looking to go out and keep it healthy, I’d rather eat here and have a filling dinner at a reasonable price than pay at least as much at Beefsteak and still be starving afterward.

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