Compass Coffee


13296145_10154248627943011_631507160_nCompass Coffee is a popular local coffee shop with two locations in Shaw at 1921 8th St NW and 1535 7th St NW. It’s easy to see where this place’s popularity comes from; they roast their own coffee and make an innovative array of coffee drinks, such as nitrogen-infused cold brew. They also offer kolaches, which are savory, filled, pastries of Czech origin, but have become popular in Texas. Compass Coffee‘s Kolaches are made in the Texan style but with a twist; the day I was there, there were saag paneer kolaches and half smoke kolaches. I wish my half smoke kolache had been warm, but it was otherwise tasty. Seating at both 13288816_10154248627948011_357103512_nlocations is tight, which is probably Compass Coffee’s main drawback. It isn’t like Tryst where you can lounge on a couch, but I can’t dock them too much for being victims of their own popularity.

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