Döner Bistro

Rating: ★★

13262256_10154237305068011_14031005_oDöner Bistro is a German cafe and bar located at 1654 Columbia Rd NW boasting both Turkish döner kababs, casual German fare like schnitzels and sausages, and a solid German beer selection. Döner kababs, which are a pita sandwich similar to a shawarma or a gyro, are originally from Turkey but have become widely popular in Europe, especially in Germany where there has been a lot of immigration from Turkey. Their döner sandwich is pretty good, though it was a bit too heavy on the sauce for my taste. The atmosphere is cool and the decor makes you feel as though you are in a small eatery in Germany (the vibe is somewhat similar to Amsterdam Falafel in that regard, except for the fact that they have beer.


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