DC Slices


13224261_10154216933613011_736783150_oDC Slices is a food truck serving pizza. You can find their location on their Twitter. DC Slices is popular with some of my colleagues and I was craving some good pizza the day I tried it. Sadly, the pizza just wasn’t very good. The crust was flimsy and soggy and it was far too greasy. They also asked if I wanted fresh basil, and the little shriveled shreds of basil that I got were an insult to the meaning of fresh basil.  Plus, it wasn’t even priced well- $4 per slice is far too expensive when I can get a jumbo slice for $5 13223430_10154216933623011_946484740_oelsewhere. Jumbo slices may not be the world’s best pizza, but a jumbo slice from Duccini’s or Pizza Boli’s sure beats this. For good pizza from a food truck, head to Killer Tomato instead. For other good pizza in DC, check out Pete’s New Haven Style Apizza (delicious, $2 slices after 9 pm on weekends) or Wiseguy’s New York Pizza. Give DC Slices a miss.

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