Killer Tomato


13241529_10154216913893011_924312990_oKiller Tomato is a food truck serving wood-fired pizza. You can find their location on their website. They make solid pizza with that delicious wood-fired flavor that is very difficult to find outside of New York. They use fresh mozzarella, an ample helping of basil, and a perfectly sweet, fresh tomato sauce to make a pizza that’s at least reminiscent of the pizza made by Pasty Grimaldi and his relatives in New York. It’s not quite on that level- the crust is a little flimsy – but it is from a food truck and is prepared to order, while you wait. I ordered a Margherita pizza and they gave me a discount ($10 instead of $12) because they were out of buffalo mozzarella and had to use regular mozzarella. It was still totally delicious and I appreciate that they lowered the price accordingly. The service is friendly, but they could streamline things a bit by bringing on a third person and having people order out of the front window of the truck. When I went, there were only two people working, one of whom was both taking orders and assisting with making the pies. They were remarkably efficient, all things considered, though. This place earns five stars despite it’s (minor) flaws because it serves some of the best pizza in DC to hungry office workers from a food truck. If you’re trying to choose between Killer Tomato and DC SlicesKiller Tomato is the winner and it’s not even a contest.

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