DC Pollo


13152886_10154199070283011_1361096065_nDC Pollo is a Peruvian food truck. You can find their location on their TwitterDC Pollo serves up hearty portions of Peruvian food, including Chifa. For the uninitiated, Chifa is a form of Chinese food created by Chinese immigrants to Peru, who brought their culinary traditions with them. As a result, dishes like Arroz Chaufa (fried rice) and Lomo Saltado (Lo Mein) became wildly popular in Peru and Lima boasts an iconic, historic Chinatown called the “Barrio chino.” I tried the food truck special, “El Triple” which sounded fantastic. It is an Arroz Chaufa with sauteed sirloin steak, chicken breast and ceviche. It was hearty 13183036_10154199069773011_191355172_nand delicious but for the ceviche. I’m sure the ceviche is good on its own but it doesn’t belong mixed in with the Arroz Chaufa since the heat cooks it somewhat, harming both the texture and taste of a fresh ceviche. I had hoped maybe the ceviche would be on the side. This truck still gets four stars though for hearty, tasty food and friendly service. Just avoid mixing ceviche with fried rice.

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