Dos Gringos


13153480_10154199040923011_298360266_nDos Gringos is a coffee shop and restaurant located at 3116 Mt Pleasant St NW. This place is an amazing cross between the sort of hippie, health-conscious cafe you would find in Vermont and Latin American fare. You can (as I did) did into a tasty scrambled tofu breakfast burrito while sipping a cafe con leche on the adorable porch. The place is in a very cute converted rowhouse and boasts reasonable prices, a friendly owner, and a neighborhood everybody 13153482_10154199040858011_1516093707_nknows everybody vibe. A large number of the patrons are clearly regulars whom the longtime owner knows personally. Like Mount Pleasant itself, the crowd is a big mix of people. If you manage to snag a seat outdoors on a nice day, this is a particualrly excellent spot to enjoy a low-key, inexpensive, healthy, and tasty brunch.

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