Simit + Smith


13128719_10154189377983011_1885071649_oSimit + Smith is a Turkish bakery, sandwich shop, and coffeehouse located at 1077 Wisconsin Avenue NW in Georgetown. Simit + Smith is a small chain that currently has a handful of other locations in the NYC area, but this location is its first in the DMV. The namesake food at Simit + Smith is the simit, a Turkish, ring-shaped bread somewhat similar to a bagel but a much closer cousin of the Jerusalem bagel aka Jerusalem ka’ak. It’s covered in sesame seeds, savory and delicious. I had a classic simit sandwich with feta and tomato, which reminded me a lot of the delicious “bagel toast” sandwiches I ate almost 13169891_10154189377918011_1738572715_oevery morning for breakfast at the famous Arab bakery called Abulafia when I lived in Tel Aviv. They also make spot-on Turkish coffee which is an excellent accompaniment to a simit sandwich. Friendly service and a very cute atmosphere rounds out the experience. The only additional thing I’d like to see is a cheaper way to buy plain simits in bulk. Since this bread has a unique texture and flavor, I’d love to be able to buy a dozen to host a brunch. However, at $3 per simit, that would be awfully expensive just for some bread, however excellent that bread may be.


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