Urban Poutine


13112495_10154188602518011_856197937_oUrban Poutine is a food truck and you can find their location on their Twitter. For the uninitiated, poutine is a Quebecois dish that in its most basic form consists of french fries with gravy and fresh cheese curds. It is basically a heart attack waiting to happen and is a point of both pride and shame for the Quebecois. While poutine is steadily making inroads into the US, it remains a bit of a novelty outside our neighbor to the North. Urban Poutine’s poutine is absolutely spot-on and their house version also includes andouille sausage and sauteed onions. The only drawback (aside from how unhealthy it is) is that it is a bit pricey ($11 for the house version when $7 or $8 would be more like it). That said, they are the only food truck that I’m aware 13105805_10154188603408011_801188397_oof that has poutine and they do a damn good job of it.

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