The Codmother


13115900_10154189360553011_1933972514_nThe Codmother is a dive bar and restaurant known for fish and chips located at 1334 U St NW. This place is awesome if you’re looking for a grungy, basement dive with a ton of character, tasty food and cheap drinks. If you’re looking for anything remotely classy or datey, stay away. The beer of choice here is Genessee Cream Ale, aka “Genny” which is a pretty terrible cheap beer from Rochester, New York, but I applaud this place for offering something other than PBR. The atmosphere of the place transports you from U Street to what I imagine a divey joint in Newfoundland would look like. And the fish and chips 13141132_10154189360613011_92383996_nare excellent – fried to perfection with a small side of mushy peas. The walls are covered in chalk with whatever the patrons decide to scrawl on them (often obscenities). This is, of course, no surprise since this is the home of the world-famous “Peruvian Bearfucker” cocktail, composed orange juice and PBR with a shot of bourbon on the side. It may not be the most classy drink, but points for the name.


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