13120518_10154179222303011_1057626595_oBeefsteak, somewhat confusingly, is a mainly vegetarian restaurant showcasing vegetables (like the beefsteak tomato, which explains the name). It has two locations: 800 22nd St NW in Foggy Bottom and 1528 Connecticut Ave NW near Dupont Circle. I had really hoped that Jose Andres, the celebrity chef behind Beefsteak (and a whole host of other places in DC, like the amazing China Chilcano) could make me like vegetables. The food itself is actually 13128678_10154179222178011_164979455_ofairly tasty (though I didn’t like the “Frida Kale” when I had it), but it simply isn’t filling. You can add “something meaty” to your dish, such as a poached egg, chicken sausage or mozzarella, but even with that a meal from Beefsteak just isn’t filling enough for me. Most of its bowls are around the $7.50 to $8.50 range, but adding any of the protein options adds a couple of dollars. In the end, you get a meal for over $10 that still leaves you hungry. I’d honestly rather go to Chipotle, but Beefsteak still gets three stars for its innovative concept and fresh, healthy choices that appeal to those with healthier eating habits (and smaller stomachs) than mine. Their homemade juice drinks are tasty too.

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