13063928_10154168229398011_277386584_oSenbeb is a vegan restaurant located at 6224 3rd St NW. Like the nearby Evolve Vegan Restaurant,  Senbeb  focuses on vegan versions of comfort food. It’s more of a casual, cafe style-spot though, while Evolve is more of a sit-down restaurant. The staff at Senbeb is super friendly and they told me that the “cheesesteak” is their most popular option. It was tasty, filling and pretty convincing! A side salad came with it, but 13078069_10154168229263011_278137732_oI had no room for that after my sanddwich. They also have some of the vegan soul food options like vegan mac and cheese and collards. This is a cozy, friendly, tasty spot for a friendly, relatively inexpensive meal. Just because it vegan doesn’t mean it’s healthy, though- I’m not sure if my “cheesesteak” was remotely healthy but it did taste good!


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