Far East Taco Grille


13077385_10154159628368011_83506744_n.jpgFar East Taco Grille is an Asian fusion food truck, whose locations can be found on their Twitter. They also have a brick and mortar location at 409 15th St NE, but I haven’t tried it yet. They have two taco trucks and a burrito truck, which are all delicious, but this review is primarily about the taco trucks. There are tons of possible combinations for their tacos, since for each one you can choose a protein (pork, beef, chicken or tofu), pick from a wide selection of sauces, and finish by picking a style. I especially like the “Kimchi-Lime” and “Banh Mi Craze” styles. The 3 tacos for $8 deal is excellent for food with such great flavors. Last time I went, I ordered a pork taco in the “Banh Mi Craze” style, a beef taco in the “Volcano Fajita” style and a chicken taco in the “Kimchi-Lime” style. They were all delicious, though the “Volcano Fajita” was a bit less special since it lacked the Asian fusion element that makes Far East Taco different from the average taqueria. I usually order my tacos with the sweet and medium spicy #15 sauce.

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