Culture Coffee


13062577_10154159544833011_36195362_oCulture Coffee is a coffee shop located at 709 Kennedy St NW. I had been curious about this place for a long time since it is pretty much the only independent coffee shop between Petworth and Takoma. In fact, I had never even been to the Kennedy Street Corridor on which this place is located, aside from the very edge of it at 14th and Kennedy NW. Kennedy Street is a mixed residential and retail street, but a large number of the retail establishments are vacant, likely due to the fact 13072996_10154159544898011_1820193753_othat this area is pretty far from a metro station (according to Google Maps, Culture Coffee is approximately a 30 minute walk from each of the closest metro stations: Petworth, Fort Totten, and Takoma). What this means is that Culture Coffee is a true neighborhood spot, with a homey, friendly vibe and an atmosphere where everyone seems to know everyone. They made a newcomer like me feel at home right away, though. “Miss V,” the motherly lady working the coffee bar is a total treasure and very warm. Plus, there is comfy seating and great coffee. I had a cup of Haitian coffee, which was delicious, even though I hadn’t been planning on having any more caffeine that day. I also had their sweet potato cake, which was a lot like a carrot cake, but I liked it. I’d recommend a trip to Culture Coffee for the friendly, neighborly vibe, and great-quality coffee.

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