13035635_10154159652428011_1275928188_oVegaritos is a vegan burrito place located at 6904 4th St NW in Takoma. Since Takoma/Takoma Park is a mecca for vegan food (given the historic Seventh Day Adventist influence in the area) it’s hardly a surprise to find a vegan burrito place here. I love the concept of the place and at $6.99 for a burrito, the prices are reasonable. The place is bright and friendly as well. Of course, I can’t expect a vegan burrito to taste quite like the real thing; vegan meats and cheeses are getting more convincing every day, but still aren’t quite there yet. I do appreciate that they don’t charge extra for guac (I’m looking at you, Chipotle) but where they fell short for me was the rice. They make Mission-style burritos, so rice is a major component. Their rice choices are brown rice and jasmine rice, and I happen to hate brown rice so I chose the jasmine rice. The rice was simply too mushy- in a burrito, the rice has to have some substance to it, but the texture of this rice really took away from the burrito. They would be much better off putting yellow rice or Chipotle-style lime rice or even the rice component of West African jollof rice instead in the burrito. If they did this, they’d earn at least another star.

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