Northside Social

13035449_10154138295018011_842351403_o.jpg12999742_10154138294983011_970894578_oNorthside Social
is a coffee shop located at 3211 Wilson Blvd in Arlington. Despite its location outside the District proper, this is one of the coolest coffee shops in the DC area. It is located inside a large, pretty house and has a cozy interior. It can be very busy on the weekends, but there is a large amount of seating so it is not as difficult to get a seat as you might think. They make a great cappuccino in the real Italian style, and I ordered it topped with a tasty stroopwafel. I also had a vegetarian banh mi sandwich, and 13010176_10154138294908011_1770851057_owhile I normally hate tofu, this was actually very tasty. I also had a delicious pot of herbal tea. All in all, this is a great place to stop in for a sophisticated coffee shop experience in Arlington.


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