Sumah’s West African Restaurant


13016549_10154138300428011_173605505_oSumah’s West African Restaurant serves up Sierra Leonean food at 1727 7th St. It is a tiny hole in the wall with zero decor, run by Sumah himself, who hails from Sierra Leone. Be aware that this place is super spare. It has the atmosphere of a carryout, though it does have a few tables thrown in for good measure. Comically, the tables have little fake flower bouquets on them, as if that really adds something to the decor. The food, on the other hand, is definitely tasty and authentic. I ordered 13000500_10154138300453011_621868985_oone of my favorite West African dishes, jollof rice with chicken, which was delicious. It’s not as cheap as you might think for this kind of place, though. The jollof rice was a very large portion but it set me back approximately $15. Nonetheless, if you want to eat authentic West African food in DC, Sumah’s should be on your list of places to try.

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