Ercilia’s Restaurant


12999747_10154128533493011_889446460_oErcilia’s Restaurant is a Salvadoran restaurant located at 3070 Mt Pleasant St NW. It is a casual, no-frills spot where you order at the counter and take a number. Be aware that the numbers are called in Spanish- I don’t speak Spanish, but I do know enough numbers to be able to figure out dieciocho. Salvadoran food is of course best known for papusas (which I love) but Ercilia’s Restaurant has plenty of other items that go beyond papusas. I ordered the bistec encebollado, which is 12980856_10154128533558011_1955423608_obeef with peppers. It was very flavorful, though the beef could have been a bit more tender. It was served with beans and rice on the side and the rice was accompanied with cheese and sliced avocado. For $9, it was a great value. I also had their house-made tamarindo which was delicious. In the future, I do want to try their papusas (which are reputed to be excellent, along with their house-made horchata. This place is super authentic; I was the lone gringo when I walked in.

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