Captain Cookie & The Milkman


12969338_10154123014018011_584054055_nCaptain Cookie & The Milkman is a food truck serving cookies, milk and ice cream. You can check for their location on their Twitter. They also have a brick and mortar location at 2000 Pennsylvania Avenue NW in Foggy Bottom. The whimsy of the concept of serving up milk and cookies to downtown workers and others from a food truck is charming. Maybe I caught them on the wrong day, but their cookies just aren’t that great. I ordered a nutella cookie and an oatmeal raisin, but it wasn’t until I got back to the office 12966662_10154123013953011_1693557189_nthat I discovered that I had actually been given chocolate chip instead of the oatmeal raisin. The chocolate chip cookie had a weird banana flavor to it that I wasn’t all too fond of (plus I wanted oatmeal raisin!) and the Nutella cookie really didn’t have a distinct Nutella flavor to it; it really just tasted like chocolate. Again, I love the concept, but I either had an isolated subpar experience or they need to work on their execution. Call me crazy, but I’d rather go to Subway for cookies (I secretly really like the cookies at Subway).

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