Zenebech Restaurant


12970106_10154128569793011_1201759579_oZenebech Restaurant is an Ethiopian Restaurant located at 608 T Street NW. Unlike nearby Dukem, it makes no attempt to look even remotely upscale (Dukem largely fails at this anyway). I like that, though, because their prices are are reasonable and their injera is excellent. Against my better judgement, I ordered the Awaze Tibs with lamb, which is spicy. I don’t mind some spice, but super spicy food does me in. It as tasty though, and the waiter gave me fair warning that it was spicy. What I liked best about Zenebech however, was the drinks menu. They had several kinds of Ethiopian beer as well as Tej by the glass. Tej, 12970578_10154128569768011_1696117780_ofor the uninitiated, is an ancient Ethiopian honey wine (mead) that according to legend was the beverage that King Solomon and the Queen of Sheba toasted with. It is made with a special Ethiopian hop-like herb called gesho. Apparently, every Tej is different and some can taste rather funky. The Tej at Zenebech, however, was very pleasant and floral. It inspired me to pick up a sketchy bottle of Tej put in a reused one-liter soda bottle at Habesha Market and Carry-Out later that day to bring to a friend’s birthday party- it was a hit!




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