Gulder, a Nigerian beer that’s barely better than PBR, but a novelty nonetheless.

Bukom is a Ghanaian restaurant located at 2442 18th St NW in Adams Morgan. I spent what were arguably the best two weeks of my life (so far) on a trip to Ghana where I was impressed by the country’s tasty food, friendly people, and beautiful scenery.  Bukom is a friendly (if often very loud) and reasonably priced spot to sample authentic Ghanaian food such as fufu (a gooey pounded cassava dish), groundnut (peanut) soup and jollof rice (which tastes a bit like Mexican rice) and much more. They also serve African beers, which is cool (though the beer that I ordered, Gulder, which is Nigerian, was barely better than PBR and was pretty pricey at $7). They have live reggae music sometimes (even though highlife is the music of Ghana, not reggae), but it adds to the vibe.



Groundnut soup with chicken and fufu (called  Kumasi Nkatikwan on the menu).

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