Himalayan Heritage Restaurant


12953178_10154108973433011_1618604086_oHimalayan Heritage Restaurant is an Indian and Nepalese restaurant located at 2305 18th St NW in Adams Morgan. It is a really great place for a cold winter evening since the place is cozily decorated like a Himalayan mountain lodge. I have been to another Indian and Nepalese restaurant in DC, Laliguras, which was also good but Himalayan Heritage offers more Nepalese options. I started the meal with a mug of chhaang, a Nepalese and Tibetan rice beer that is literally the stuff of legend. It tastes a bit


Chhaang, the Himalayan rice beer that is the drink of choice of the yetis.

like sake and legend has it that it is the favorite drink of Yetis, who raid villages in order to steal it. It also supposedly cures alcoholism, which is a counterintuitive quality for a beer. For my dinner, I had the dhindo thali. Dhindo is a Nepalese cornmeal porridge that is a bit like West African fufu in consistency. It is used to eat the food with your hands (it serves a similar function to Ethiopian injera). My thali came with goat curry, dal, spinach, and spicy pickled veggies. It was delicious and pretty spicy. I can take medium spice, but if you can’t handle spice at all, be wary. This is a great place to go for a unique dining experience in the heart of AdMo.



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