12947006_10154104013173011_1608688977_oMuncheez, despite its rather generic name, is a Lebanese food truck and restaurant. While their brick and mortar location is in Georgetown, this review is for their food truck, whose location can be found on Twitter. I tend to be very critical of Levantine Arab food since I’ve lived in Jordan and know what good falafel is. But Muncheez is actually very good. Their falafel sandwich was tasty and rolled up like a burrito inside a pita, as it is usually prepared in Jordan. In this version of a falafel sandwich the balls are crushed 12953066_10154104013183011_2123272247_o(ouch!) and don’t fall out as they would in an open pita. They also don’t go too heavy on the toppings, which is good because loads of toppings cause a mess and overpower the falafel itself. I had my falafel sandwich alongside a delicious, authentic and refreshing Arab-style mint lemonade.

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