Pete’s New Haven Style Apizza


Pete’s New Haven Style Apizza has four locations including in Clarendon, Silver Spring, 12915001_10154103918263011_479691140_oFriendship Heights and Columbia Heights, but this review is for the Columbia Heights location at 1400 Irving Street NW. Despite the fact that New Haven is a crappy city, it is known for excellent pizza. The pizza (apizza?) at Pete’s is definitely a solid cut above normal. For starters, the crust is crispy and slightly charred on the bottom and as a New Yorker, I consider this the mark of a high-quality pizza. In addition, their tomato sauce is fresh-tasting and is light and slightly sweet, as it should be. There could have 12921988_10154103918323011_878556993_obeen a bit more sauce in the sauce to cheese ratio, however. However, they are best-known for their white pizza with clams, which is a New Haven specialty. It is tasty and garlicky and definitely not something you’re likely to find at any other pizza place in the area. A huge plus is that their slices are only $2 after 9 pm on weekends, which makes for a delicious and cheap late dinner option. Be aware that this a casual pizza place, not a Lady and the Tramp-style checkered table cloth romantic option. They do serve wine and beer, though their wine by the glass is a bit pricey for a pizza place (no reds under $7).

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