Queen Amannisa




Delicious laghman.

Queen Amannisa is a Uyghur restaurant located at 320 23rd St in Crystal City. For the uninitiated, Uyghur food is basically a cross between Chinese food and Central Asian food. They also serve some of the common Chinese American dishes for the less adventurous, but it’s pointless to order things like that when you can order authentic Ugyhur laghman, a delicious stretchy noodle dish with veggies and meat. I ordered the Ammani-style laghman, which was absolutely delicious. The noodles were stretchy and the meat and veggies were cooked perfectly. I also ordered a red jujube tea, which is a Chinese herbal tea that’s a bit fruity. The tea was served in the carafe of a coffee maker,


Red jujube tea.

which I found a bit odd. It was also approximately $7, so I concluded that it was intended for sharing by the table. In general, I think this place is best-suited for groups. The restaurant is cavernous (I’m not sure how they ever expect to fill it) and the fact that it presents a rare opportunity to eat Uyghur food means it is a great place to share a bunch of dishes and try new things. The staff is very welcoming and is keen to make sure you like the food. The decor is pleasant, though they were playing this annoyingly repetitive elevator music when I was 12914923_10154090899188011_1074126145_othere, which I could have done without.



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