Soho Tea and Coffee


12896347_10154086181283011_2005423119_oSoho Tea and Coffee is located at 2150 P St NW. It’s a cafe with cool decor and ample space to spread out with a laptop or play board games. The people are friendly enough, but it’s a bit of a fussy establishment. For starters, they require a $5 minimum purchase in order to use the WiFi. I understand that they want to keep themselves afloat, but that’s kind of b*tchy. They also have a sign saying no outside food; I would hope most people understand that it’s just common courtesy not to bring in outside food. I ordered a glass of red wine, which at $5 was reasonably priced, but it was pretty crappy red wine. Their late hours are a redeeming quality, but Google Maps shows their hours as closing at 11, while a paper sign on the door said they actually close at 10. If you take the above caveats into account, the ample seating and cool vibe makes this a decent place to stop in and get some work done. I wouldn’t detour for it, though. 

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