Khepra’s Raw Food Juice Bar




“Fried” plantains (top left), curry cabbage (right) and coconut “crab” cake (bottom left).

Khepra’s Raw Food Juice Bar is located at 402 H St NE. It is a combination of a vegan raw food eatery, a juice bar, and a shop selling an eclectic mix of African products and books, some of which include books about Islam, Christianity, Judaism and … Scientology?? There is also a book that claims that vaccines are dangerous. As you can already tell, this is a really quirky place. Ok, I’m being diplomatic; this is a downright strange place.  But the food really is delicious, which is what matters most. I was pretty unacquainted with the concept of raw food, other than the fact that it was the sort of thing that people like my health-obsessed mother were into. I had assumed that eating raw food meant all of the food had to be cold; apparently


Berry cashew “cheese”cake

some heating is allowed. The food at Khepra’s is influenced by soul food and Carribean cooking. I had the coconut crab cake for my entree, which (while obviously not containing any crab) was really tasty and was reminiscent of a crab cake. they were out of some of the sides that I wanted, but I ordered the curry cabbage with was very flavorful (with a significant kick) as well as the “fried” plantains (obviously not actually fried) which were great as well. For dessert, I had a cashew berry “cheese”cake, which was delicious if a bit over-chilled. Be aware that the food is a bit pricey considering there’s no meat or dairy; that said, the flavor development in the 12903468_10154068667078011_1662481387_odishes really is great. This is a spot that caters to hippie and Rastafari types- maybe not a place to bring a date, unless you’re both hippie and/or Rastafari types, in which case, go for it! This is definitely a place worth checking out for a unique, delicious, and healthy meal in DC, if you’re adventurous (or wear hemp clothing).


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