Fine Sweet Shoppe


12722616_10154063984873011_929674983_oFine Sweet Shoppe is a bakery located inside Eastern Market at 225 7th St SE. Despite its name, Fine Sweet Shop is not just fine, it’s great! They have a wide variety of baked goods, but I especially love them for their New York Jewish baked goods, like black and white cookies, ruggalah and hamentashen. As a native of Long Island and an honorary M.O.T. (member of the tribe), I was raised on this stuff. For the uninitiated, hamentashen are a traditional sweet for 12381002_10154063984913011_1764643207_othe Jewish holiday of Purim, which celebrates the story of Queen Esther (and which is an occasion on which Jews are supposed to get so drunk that they can no longer keep the names of the protagonist and antagonist of Purim straight). They are basically a triangular cookie with a filling, named after Haman, the villain of the Purim story (sounds like great drunk food to me). The hamentashen at Fine Sweet Shoppe are HUGE and come in both apricot and chocolate chip cookie flavors. Both flavors are delicious.

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