Pizza Boli’s


12874344_10154051516018011_1777144261_oPizza Boli’s is a regional chain, but this review is for the location at 2455 18th St NW in Adams Morgan, which is one of several locations in the area where you can order the famous DC Jumbo Slice, which is a supersized pizza slice of sometimes marginal quality. Yes, I know, writing about jumbo slices is pretty much sacrilege for a food blogger, but sometimes a huge slice of pizza can hit the spot, and not only when drunk. There are may jumbo slice places, especially in Adams Morgan, and most of them 12674795_10154051516118011_847302275_oclaim to be the original jumbo slice joint. Pizza Boli’s is no different in this regard, except that jumbo slices were apparently invented at nearby Pizza Mart. I do think, however, that the jumbo slices at Pizza Boli’s are better than most of their competitors. The sauce to cheese ratio is spot on, and the crust is good and not soggy. By contrast, I find the crust at Jumbo Slice soggy and the crust at Pizza Mart seems almost pre-made. The pizza at Jumbo Pizza on U Street is best consumed while drunk. Plus, you save $0.50 by going to Pizza Boli’s since their jumbo slice is only $5 instead of $5.50. I wouldn’t trek out of my way to go here (unless you’re looking to show an out of town visitor one of DC’s most infamous traditions) but I live in the area, so it actually makes for a satisfying and cheap dinner option when I don’t feel like cooking.

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