12842440_10154031698578011_183945876_oDukem is an Ethiopian restaurant located at 1114-1118 U St NW. It serves up a wide variety of tasty Ethiopian food (like Keren, it has Ethiopian breakfast food like fuul in addition to injera platters). I ordered a delicious combination platter, but be aware that it’s not the cheapest place out there. You’re likely to pay $15 for your entree, which isn’t bad, but this is not a divey cheap place. I also ordered a St. George beer, which is an Ethiopian lager. It’s cool for the novelty of drinking Ethiopian beer (and it comes in a cool-looking bottle decorated with a picture of St. George slaying the dragon) but it’s otherwise a fairly average lager. Basically this is a solid spot for a large menu of tasty Ethiopian food, but it’s a full mid-range restaurant, not a hole in the wall.

12674917_10154031698378011_713439944_o 12325548_10154031698508011_1320809806_o

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