Salt & Pepper Grill




Quite a bit of food for $12.95!

Salt & Pepper Grill is a Pakistani restaurant (one wonders why the name isn’t Curry & Chutney Grill or something) located at 2632 Georgia Ave NW, with additional locations at 3925 14th St NW and 5830 Georgia Ave NW. I made the mistake of ordering far too much here; I got both an order of two samosas (very tasty) and a boti kebab. What I didn’t realize is that the boti kebab (and I assume all the kebabs) come with rice, naan, tomatoes and cucumbers and a 12325893_10154031925928011_1801698538_ochoice of curry on the side. The kebab itself could have been more tender, though the flavor was good. But for $12.95 it’s a good deal and it’s even cheaper ($10.95) if you order chicken tikka. Be aware that Salt & Pepper Grill has the ambiance of a fast food restaurant; there are enough tables that eating-in is very doable, but don’t expect atmosphere and definitely don’t come here on a date. But if you want tasty South Asian food at very reasonable prices, it’s a good bet!



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