Wiseguy NY Pizza


12722420_10154028927628011_683089961_oWiseguy NY Pizza has locations at 1735 North Lynn St in Rosslyn and 300 Massachusetts Ave NW. This review is for the Rosslyn location. As a native of Long Island, I have high standards for pizza. We also have this wonderful creation called garlic knots, that somehow haven’t caught on in the rest of the country. This baffles me since garlic knots are so much better than regular garlic bread- they’re difficult to describe but are basically little knots of greasy, doughy, garlicky goodness. They were an indispensable part of my childhood, so I was thrilled that Wiseguy NY Pizza has them. The pizza itself is pretty solid and the ambiance is complemented by a classic Rat Pack playlist. The owner’s name is even Tony. This place makes me feel at home and I would totally recommend it.

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