12837169_10154013556853011_257675061_oSushi burritos are a thing now and they are available in DC at Buredo, located at 825 14th St NW. If you’ve never had a sushi burrito before, it’s essentially a sushi roll that’s made extra large and then cut into only two pieces, so it looks like a burrito. It’s most similar to hand rolls (temaki) but larger and cylindrical, not cone-shaped. I ordered the “Hanzo,” which is made of tuna, avocado, cucumber, pickled fennel, arugula, tempura crunch, and lemon aioli. It was delicious, though a bit of a small portion for $11.75. Sushi tends to be pricey, but be aware that Buredo is not a place to go if you’re looking for huge portions at bargain prices. The concept is trendy, though, and the food is delicious, so treat yourself!


The “Hanzo” – tuna, avocado, cucumber, pickled fennel, arugala, tempura crunch and lemon aoili.

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