Jacob’s Coffeehouse


12822659_10154002503738011_378150982_o (1).jpgJacob’s Coffeehouse is located at 401 8th St NE in a quiet, residential section of Capitol Hill between the crowded H Street NE corridor and the area around Eastern Market. It is a cute neighborhood coffee shop with lots of seating that doesn’t turn off it’s WiFi on the weekends. It can be difficult to find seats in DC’s popular coffee shops on the weekends, but Jacob’s Coffeehouse’s location in a residential area means that it flies under the radar. It is nonetheless very accessible because of its location right along the 90/92 bus route. The interior is cute, but not in a cozy Tryst kind of way. The classical music and abundance of tables and outlets, however, makes this place ideal for laptop work. There is also a very cute outdoor patio. I ordered a green tea latte with a shot of espresso. I was worried that the espresso 12810108_10154002503318011_321923314_owould kill the green tea flavor, but it actually worked well. In addition, the latte was clearly made with real matcha, which I appreciated. This is a great spot if you want a place to work on the weekends without the scene of a Maketto or Compass Coffee.

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