1453018_10154001479358011_1123788240_oSidamo is an Ethiopian coffee shop located at 417 H St NE right next to the 3rd Street stop on the DC Streetcar. The streetcar itself may be little more than a novelty, but Sidamo is a true winner. They serve single-origin Ethiopian pour-overs (sidamo, yergacheffe, harrar) and the very kind Ethiopian owner is keen to explain the rich history of coffee in Ethiopia. They also serve the usual variety of espresso drinks as well as loose-leaf tea. The “Sidamo Chai Leben” is particularly tasty. A highlight of Sidamo is their weekly traditional Ethiopian coffee ceremony at 2 pm every Sunday (which you can’t get to by streetcar since the streetcar doesn’t run on Sundays). An Ethiopia lady in traditional garments roasts beans in a 12822670_10154001479068011_1884324554_oskillet over an open flame while burning fragrant incense. She then prepares the coffee in a traditional pot and they serve samples in demitasses to guests. The very friendly owner offered patrons samples of spiced clarified butter, which some Ethiopian tribes take in their coffee instead of sugar. Atmospheric Ethiopian music plays in the background. Seating can be tight at times, but this place is a must for the great coffee, friendly people, and unique cultural experience.


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