Rating: ★★★★★

12787247_10153986063783011_634710078_oTryst is a combined coffee shop, restaurant, and bar located at 2459 18th Street NW in the heart of Adams Morgan. Tryst is a DC institution that is rightly regarded as one of the best coffee shops in DC. It’s great for its laid-back vibe and cozy seating options. As I write this post, I am sitting on a really comfortable antique couch, enjoying a delicious $5 microbrew special (the Golden Ox Belgian Ale from Old Ox Brewery in Virginia). I’ve been known to come here a few nights each week since I live close by and much


The Golden Ox Belgian Ale from Old Ox Brewery.

prefer getting work done here to my studio apartment. It has kind of become my living room, except I can’t just grab a beer from the fridge. I don’t often have a full meal at Tryst, but their food is very good, both for brunch (they have Bullfrog Bagels!) and for lunch/dinner. The pies and desserts are tasty too. The great thing about Tryst is that it can be whatever you want it to be; you can come here in the evenings to hang out and get work done, as I often do, or you can come here for dinner, for brunch, for a drink, on a date, you name it! When I go there to work, I usually nurse a Chaucer’s Cup, which is a calming herbal tea blend of mulling spices, mango and rose hips. In the evenings, there is very often live music. They have special deals every night; though some nights are better than others. My favorite nights are Sundays (when there is Happy Hour from 4 pm until close) and Tequila Thursdays


I’m sure Lindsey Graham would love the julep toddy.

(when there are $6 margaritas). The coffee menu is extensive and features Counter-Culture coffee and a wide variety of espresso drinks. Be aware that Tryst can get very crowded and that unless you’re grabbing a coffee to go, it’s table service; the servers are all very friendly, but it can be hard to get their attention. That said, it’s really great that it’s a place where you’re encouraged to linger. Tryst is the sister restaurant of The Coupe, Open City Cafe and The Diner. If you live near The Coupe (located at 3415 11th St NW) it offers a similar experience to Tryst, though with much more modern and less cozy decor.


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