12767833_10153985916343011_1917279061_o.jpgDonburi is a Japanese restaurant located at 2438 18th St NW in Adams Morgan (Donburi also has a food truck). It is not a sushi restaurant; it’s a small, counter-serve restaurant that specializes in katsu bowls (breaded and fried chicken, pork, or shrimp over rice with veggies). I ordered a mixed pork katsu and shrimp katsu bowl. The service was super quick and the bowl was absolutely delicious and satisfying. At $11, it was also very reasonably-priced. This a unique place for DC and is an ideal spot to stop in for a meal that is quick, filling, delicious and inexpensive. It’s certainly the best quick bite in Adams Morgan (sorry, jumbo slice places). The people are 12768003_10153985916448011_515313453_o.jpgfriendly and the minimalist decor gives it an authentically Japanese vibe. Highly recommended.

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