12498422_10153979152433011_1120888894_nRoasted is a coffee shop open during the day on weekdays located inside the nightclub Capitale at 1301 K Street NW. This is one of the best coffee shops in the city and I appreciate the place’s entrepreneurial spirit; it’s located inside a nightclub next to Franklin Square in the heart of Downtown, which is bustling with business people during the day. What better use for a space that is dormant during daylight hours than to open a pop-up style coffee shop in a


neighborhood that craves caffeine but lacks options that aren’t chains. Roasted’s friendly baristas serve up a massive menu of espresso creations with clever names, many of which satirize politicians. I had “Rubio’s Razzamatazz” which was a delicious chocolate raspberry latte (chocolate and raspberry is one of my favorite combinations). Other options include “Martin O’Malley’s Mint Mocha,” “Lindsey Graham Cracker Latte,” and so many others. I steered clear of the “Santorum Shortcake Latte” as anyone who’s ever googled Santorum would do. Those who can’t decide on one from the menu can order the “Independent’s ‘Insert Here’ Latte and design their own. There is cozy seating and a calm ambiance, which makes this a great (and rather bougie-looking) escape from Downtown. I love this place, and I’m pretty glad not too many others in the Downtown office crowd have discovered it yet. It’s only a matter of time.


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