Yummy … Yum Food


12787301_10153974109123011_591660344_oYummy … Yum Food is a Persian food truck; for their location, check Food Truck Fiesta. In the interest of being fair, I should note that I am more inclined to be harsh when I am disappointed by a cuisine that I know and love. As a student of Farsi and a Middle East enthusiast, I happen to be a big fan of Persian food. Sadly, Yummy … Yum Food, despite having a friendly Persian owner and a really cutely decorated truck, simply didn’t make the cut. They commit what (for me at least) is a 12476940_10153974109068011_2029412587_ocardinal sin in pandering to the American idea that all “Mediterranean Food” is the same. Never mind that Iran is nowhere near the Mediterranean- it’s all Greek to most people. In addition to traditional Iranian kabobs, they serve falafel, gyros and Greek salad, none of which is even remotely Iranian. So, when I ordered my kabob (using its Persian name) I was not surprised that the nice Persian owner offered me tzatziki sauce and feta on it. Seriously, food truck owner joon, you and I both know better. Persians do eat yogurt sauce with kabobs, but would never call it tzatziki, and while Persians do eat feta, it does not belong on a kabob. Still, I was hoping the kabob would at least be good. Sadly, it lacked the charred on the outside and juicy on the inside texture you should expect from a good Persian kabob. For that, you’re much better off going to Moby Dick House of Kabob.

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