Petworth Citizen

Rating: ★

12765521_10153971645903011_687527284_oPetworth Citizen is an American bar and restaurant located at 829 Upshur St NW. It is a cozy, dimly-lit space with hearty food options, such as the chorizo burger (which is very tasty). They offer a daily punch (mine was made with blood orange and was delicious) as well as a wide variety of other drink options. They offer a $7 drink special called “Chutes and Flutes,” which sounds dangerous- it’s a champagne flute of Miller High Life and shot of bourbon (mercifully in a separate glass). Petworth Citizen also has


The Chorizo Burger

an adorable reading room, which is basically a small library tucked away in the back of the restaurant. The books are all organized by color, which is a cool effect. I’m not entirely sure what the reading room is used for. They also told me they don’t have public WiFi, which I found odd; I think getting some work done while I enjoy some “Chutes and Flutes” sounds like a great idea!


The Reading Room


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