Harrar Coffee & Roastery


12751750_10153964527688011_2018896960_oHarrar Coffee & Roastery is an Ethiopian coffee shop located at 2904 Georgia Ave NW. Harrar takes great pride in presenting a wide variety of Ethiopian coffees to customers- it even offers little cups so that customers can taste their coffees for free. They’re not about pour-overs or loose-leaf teas (they serve Tazo) and their espresso drinks menu is confined to the standards. It has WiFi, outlets, and tables, but the mood is more storefront than cozy. The vibe is pleasant, though, as a result of the friendly staff and beautiful pictures of Ethiopia. They also serve delicious, mildly spicy lentil sambusas, which are a nice change from the


So many to sample!

scones and cookies available at most other coffee shops in the city. If you are looking for a scene, you’re better off at Maketto or Colony Club. If you’re looking for pour-overs, you’re better off at Qualia Coffee. But if you want to experience a slice of Ethiopian culture (many of the customers are also Ethiopians, which means the coffee is authentic) and something a bit more interesting than the standard independent coffee shop, head to Harrar!




A tasty Ethiopian sambusa!


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