12754822_10153961537398011_46276693_oAbunai is a food truck that serves Hawaiian food- for location updates, check their Twitter. For the uninitiated, Hawaiian food is not pineapple chicken and mai tais (I had a Hawaiian roommate in college who was horrified by what mainlanders thought was Hawaiian food. Actual Hawaiian food includes such classics as Kalua Pig Croquettes and spam katsu musubi. I ordered the Spam Katsu Musubi with fried rice which is super delicious and frankly life-changing (probably because it’s awful for your health). It consists of fried spam and fried rice wrapped in nori like a large sushi roll. It comes with two sides Furikake Mac Salad (which is a Hawaiian-influenced macaroni salad) and Cucumber/Carrot Namasu (which is a carrot and cucumber side salad). They were tasty too, though not special like the spam katsu 12443924_10153961537468011_1846755987_omusubi, and at least cucumbers and carrots are vegetables, right? The staff was friendly and quick. I highly recommend Abunai for a delicious lunch featuring food that you can’t easily find elsewhere.

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