Maketto (coffee shop)


12736488_10153948896433011_57921359_oMaketto is a Southeast Asian restaurant, coffee shop and boutique located at 1351 H St NE. The coffee shop portion occupies the upper floor and that is what this review covers. Maketto is, without a doubt, one of the coolest and most up-to-date coffee shops in the city. The decor is minimalist and sleek, there is good WiFi and there are plenty of outlets. They have an extensive and excellent menu of coffee and tea, and their drinks are elegantly served in something that resembles a little bento box.


Savory galette and a pot of white peony tea.

Their tea flavors are particularly good (I’ve had the turmeric ginger and the white peony) and they only use loose-leaf (as they should!). I also tried the savory galette, which was hearty though a bit weird-tasting. Overall, this place is awesome and definitely one of the top coffee shops in the city.


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