Woodward Table



Woodward Table specializes in upscale southern food and is located at 1426 H St NW. It is a very popular downtown lunch spot, including both a sit-down restaurant and an upscale carryout called Woodward Takeout Food, or WTF for short. Signs on the windows proclaim “WTF is for Lunch.” I see what they did there. For lunch, their oyster po’boy salad is especially good. It’s so delicious and must be healthy because it’s a salad right? That’s what I tell myself. But where Woodward Table really shines for me is as one of DC’s best-kept secrets for a classy, delicious. Since Woodward Table is primarily busy with the weekday business lunch crowd, people don’t think to go there for brunch. But it’s a pretty large restaurant which means that you can reliably get a table there for brunch without a reservation. Why reserve Founding



Fried oyster frittata.


Farmers a few weeks in advance to eat their chicken and waffles, when you can have Woodward Table’s absolutely delicious chicken and waffles with no prior planning at all? The “Hot Mess” is also great- it consists of a buttermilk biscuit, fried chicken, ham, bacon, scrambled eggs, and sausage gravy; it doesn’t even pretend to be healthy, but it’s so good. Another winner is the fried oyster frittata. Bottomless mimosas are available as an option for those who want to turn up. This is my go-to place to bring visitors to DC for brunch since it’s classy and reliably excellent.


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