Ben’s Chili Bowl


Ben’s Chili Bowl is a DC classic with multiple locations (in Rosslyn, on H St NE, and in National Airport), but the one and only original is located at 1213 U Street NW. Ben’s is famous for its chili (duh) and its chili half-smokes, which are basically jumbo loaded chili dogs with mustard and onions. They really are delicious and Ben’s has updated its options in recent years, adding veggie chili and a veggie half smoke. Ben’s also has several flavors of shakes which are good too. Ben’s is one of the most iconic places in DC and has been in operation since 1958; it survived both the race riots of 1968 at the crack epidemic of the 1980s. It retains its 1950s charm and plays Motown classics. This is a place that everyone living in DC must visit at least once (even Obama has enjoyed a Ben’s half-smoke) and it is a great place to bring visitors to show them something quintessentially DC.ben's

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