Greenberry’s Coffee

Rating: ★★☆☆

12736892_10153946938303011_1429153051_oGreenberry’s Coffee is a coffee shop located at 1919 Pennsylvania Ave NW. It is a small chain that originated in Charlottesville, VA and has an additional location at 1805 E. Street NW, as well as locations in Virginia, New Jersey, Louisiana, and (randomly) Saudi Arabia. Since Greenberry’s Coffee is only a small chain in a downtown dominated by boring chains like Starbucks etc., I was excited to try it. But Greenberry’s Coffee was a bit disappointing because it was too much like Starbucks or Peet’s; the place was laid out like Starbucks, had similar drinks to Starbucks and even had the drink sizes “tall,” “grande,” and (even 12698756_10153946938328011_1958343826_omore cringe-worthy than venti) “supremo.” I was disappointed because I was hoping that as a small, mainly local chain, they would be more innovative and try to create their own experience; the fact that they appear to be following the Starbucks model begs the question of what Greenberry’s Coffee has to offer consumers in the coffee market that is new and different. If I am going to be given a Starbucks experience (and I do believe there’s a time and place for Starbucks), I’d rather just go to Starbucks where I can use my card and earn rewards. Greenberry’s Coffee just lacks that creativity, spunk and je ne sais quoi of the independent coffee shop experience that I so appreciate. On top of that, there was a fruit fly buzzing around in the baked goods case and the baked goods themselves didn’t look to imaginative. The staff was friendly, but seemed a bit disorganized. Overall it’s not that this place was by any means terrible. It was just (for lack of a better word) meh.

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