Alfa Pie House

Rating: ★★★★★
12722499_10153944836143011_1110347932_o.jpgAlfa Pie House is a Greek cafe located at1750 H Street NW. This friendly cafe serves a selection of Greek savory pies, such as spinach and cheese pies and desserts, such as cream pies and baklava. I ordered a spinach and cheese pie, which was flaky and delicious, as well as a Greek Coffee (the Greeks originally called it Turkish Coffee but now called it Greek Coffee to stick it to Turkey) which was good as well. They also serve coffee from La Colombe but I wanted to order


Spinach and cheese pie- delicious!

something Greek. The lady working behind the counter was very sweet and motherly. I was curious about what their Greek Mountain Tea was, so she offered me a sample. It was an herbal tea and really tasty! This is not your typical Downtown spot and is a real gem in an area loaded with soulless chains. They also have good WiFi and ample space to work.


Greek Coffee with Turkish (Greek?) Delight


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