Davenport Coffee Lounge

Rating: ★★★★☆

12674472_10153941576658011_1570032795_nDavenport Coffee Lounge is a student-run coffee shop located inside the School of International Service at American University. Known as “The Dav” by AU students, it largely caters to the student population but is open to anyone who wants to sample their innovative and extremely inexpensive coffee menu. The Dav is not for profit, so its coffees and teas are sold at cost. In addition, if you bring your own mug you get 25 cents off drip coffee and 10 cents off other drinks, which means you can get a small drip coffee for only $1.25. This is


I brought my own mug and got my coffee for $1.25 (my sister gave me this creepy Vladimir Putin mug for Christmas because she’s studying abroad in Russia for a year).

even less than it costs at 7-Eleven and for much better coffee; you can choose from a few different varieties from places such as Peru and Ethiopia. They also offer a wide selection of tea, and extremely reasonably-priced espresso drinks. You can get a Cortado, Cubano, Cafe con Leche, or an Italian Macchiato for only 85 cents with a single shot of espresso or $1.60 with a double shot- try finding that at Starbucks! The lattes and cappuccinos aren’t as crazy cheap but still less than they would be at Starbucks. I also appreciate the international options on the menu; in addition to the Cubano and Cafe con Leche, The Dav also has Vietnamese coffee (espresso and condensed milk). Be aware that the only WiFi networks available are for AU students and registered guests. It’s hard for me to fault them for not having public WiFi when the cafe mainly serves students. It’s also pretty cramped inside, but there are additional places to sit inside the SIS building or (if the weather is nice) outside on the beautiful Quad. If you’re in the area, this is a great place to grab coffee at very reasonable prices; just be mindful that it’s crowded and meant for students (as it should be- it’s on a college campus).


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